Monday, 3 October 2011

Grabbing a Bite?

The ladies in one of my classes have, for some time, been inviting me to grab a coffee with them after class. Unfortunately I usually have another class starting shortly after we finish, so I have been unable to join them. The class is now having a short break, and the ladies decided that instead of coffee we would meet for lunch at the time the class is usually scheduled at. As I said to them, I'm not sure that this level of organisation could really be termed as "grabbing a bite"!
We met in the French restaurant on the 14th floor of the Kure Hankyu Hotel. Here we are from left to right: Yoshiko, Yumi, Takako, me, Toshie, Akiko, and Kuniko.

Lunch for me is almost always a sandwich at home, so this really was a rare treat. Apart from eating a proper meal at lunchtime, I also found myself a bit disorientated by my surroundings. Everything felt so western, that when the staff spoke to me I wasn't sure whether I should reply in Japanese, or try out my very rusty French! And, of course, the ladies were keeping up some really interesting conversation in English.

And lunch? Very artistic and very good.

Whenever we go abroad, my wife takes out the camera and photographs whatever we are eating... My turn, and although the camera can't as yet give you a taste of the food, you can at least see what I mean by "artistic". This was the starter, and you'll forgive me if I can't remember the French name. It was, if I am correct, a kind of nut pate. This was followed by a very tasty corn soup - no photo... it was corn soup!

I started getting confused again when the main course arrived. Roast beef... surely that is a quintessential English dish? Anyway, it was very good, although being from the other side of the Channel, I would have preferred to have seen a potato or two and some Yorkshire puddings!

I do enjoy sweets, but I don't often get as far as dessert, as I much prefer savoury food. Having said that, I really enjoyed this small cranberry tart. I'm afraid I had to ask what the fig was, and was surprised to hear that Hiroshima is quite well-known for them. The ladies were then quite surprised when I opted for coffee to finish and not tea! As much as I like tea - a must in the mornings - it has to be coffee after lunch, doesn't it?

I think we all had a good time, and when the class starts again next week, I shall be the first to suggest that we do it again.

Thank you ladies!