Thursday, 29 March 2012

Builders in the House 10 - back to work

This was back to work on Monday, and as it is the spring holiday, Kayo's elementary school children came first thing in the morning. Of course, the walls are still bare, and, as mentioned before, slightly disappointingly the furniture wasn't due to arrive for another couple of days, so we used the trusty old pine table and chairs that have served us so well.

The first photo with the inevitable "peace" signs, so as usual I asked them to pose for another one without. Tenma decided in that case that he wasn't going to smile!

And my first student in the new room was Tomoyo. We listened to a conversation on the CD player, and the sound in the room has changed completely. A bit of an echo, I guess, because there isn't much furniture, and the tatami mats are no more.

I love how clean and tidy everything is. All the books are now out of sight in the cupboards which means we don't have four mismatched bookcases in the room - great! The desks and chairs arrive on Wednesday, and we have also ordered some new maps for the walls. My original UK map (thank you Karen!) has been put up and taken down so often to be used in different classes that it is now a bit worse for wear.

I'll be back soon with some classroom furniture to show off...

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