Friday, 16 March 2012

Builders in the House 5 - slowing down?

It's been another hectic week workwise, and although I could have written something yesterday I think it was better for my sanity to go and play squash in the free time that I had...

I'm not an unusually tall person, but at 183cms (six foot one and a bit in old money), I'm three centimetres taller than the doors and beams in our house, something that causes me to stoop somewhat. This beam is going to be in the middle of our big classroom when the partition is open, and although it couldn't be removed without the house collapsing, I'm pleased to say that it has been raised just a tad, and I can now walk under it without banging my head (Yes, yes, I'm on my way to play squash...)

We seem to have done a lot of decison-making this week, and there has been a lot of builder activity, although on the face of it, not much seems to have changed since the beginning of the week. This cupboard has required the most thought. The large space in the middle will eventually hold a new television, and then it was a case of deciding how we wanted shelving arranged. Once we had done that, a couple of guys came and took a lot of measurements so they can prepare what they need to complete the job.

Other than that, much to the delight of our son Tadashi, a plasterer called Tadashi came to fair the walls. Anyway, it seems that this was a bigger job than anticipated, and the now smooth walls are going to take several days to dry sufficiently for the next stage to begin. The last couple of days have been rather eerily quiet.

And one last picture today. You can see the wooden frame that will hold another sliding door. This time between the classroom and the front door.

Other decisions this week have been the size, colour and number of new desks and chairs, and I'm just about to go and measure up for a new whiteboard... And this weekend? Squash, of course, and then a midnight appointment with the TV on Saturday to watch Wales secure the Grand Slam againsit Les Bleus.

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