Monday, 19 March 2012

Builders in the House 6 - let there be music

Not too much to report today. Just one guy working on his own all day getting the walls ready for wallpaper. He has spent the whole day smearing some kind of yellow gunk all over the walls and ceiling. I think he starts on the actual wallpapering tomorrow despite the fact it is a national holiday. Hope he doesn't wake me up when he arrives for work!

It only struck me today, and perhaps it is because it might be a stereotype, but of the eight or nine different tradesmen we have had working in the house so far, today's guy is the first one who listens to the radio while he works. I seem to have an image that in Britain there would be a radio on all the time. Someone correct me, please! Anyway, he brought his own radio and has even trusted us with it overnight. Of course, if it were me or the boy Jones, we would be listening to the cricket...

And just as an update on when the work will be finished, it seems that we are now back on track, and everything should be completed on Friday. The only hiccough being that although the desks and whiteboard we have ordered will arrive on Friday, the supplier called us to say the chairs won't be here until a week tomorrow. A bit disappointing, but there's no ginger...

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