Thursday, 8 March 2012

Builders in the House 3 - the new floor

I've had a hectic couple of days, so things have moved on quite a bit since Monday's post, and I'm glad to say that the house, although noisy at times, isn't anywhere near as dusty.

I missed this part of the floor process when the other side of the room was done. A kind of polystyrene slot-together insulation... definitely didn't have that before, and I wonder if it will make the room warmer in winter. I certainly hope so! It is held in place by dint of being just slightly wider than the space between the beams.

The beams all covered, and a shot of our new step.

And the new floor being laid. It is quite a light colour, which we hope will make the room bright, and much as I enjoy polishing the other floors we have upstairs, I wasn't particularly upset to hear that the new floor is a "no polish" type. I confess I was a little surprised that our beautiful floor was completed first given that there is still so much else to be done, and I had fleeting images of all kinds of damage being done to it. However, of course it has now been covered with cardboard sheets.

And so to the ceiling...

Aimi was so excited when she saw that it was pink... and she is going to be so disappointed when she finds out that it isn't finished, and won't be pink when it is. Poor thing!

I went to Hiroshima this afternoon to play squash, as I often do on a Thursday, and was told on my return that the carpenter had knocked off at 2 o'clock because whatever materials he needs for the next stage won't be here until tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what they are. More as it happens.

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