Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Builders in the House 7 - wallpaper

This is so cool! My limited experience of hanging wallpaper is, of course, of the DIY variety - measuring walls and paper; trying to cut straight lines; an old table to paste the paper, and then trying to get the stuff to stay on the wall with no air bubbles under it. Now I see there is a very professional way of doing it - a machine that does everything except put the paper on the walls and make the tea!

Our music loving wallpaper guy worked for about ten hours yesterday, and has comleted about 75% of the papering. I think it looks fantastic, and I wish I could have seen how he papered the ceilings on his own!

This is looking towards the front door, and you can see what still has to be done. I think the wood on the new white paper is really striking.

The wallpaper will be finished today, but has to be done while working around four other guys who have come to fit doors and light fittings. It seems a bit chaotic, but... the work is almost done!

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