Sunday, 11 March 2012

Builders in the House 4 - a "new" window and signs of crookedness

If you go back to the first Builders in the House post, you'll see a photograph of some cupboard doors (one of which has my squash poster on it). From later photographs you will see that the cupboards have been completely removed.
And you can see from this one that a floor level window was revealed, which of course we knew about because we had seen it from outside. The builders have recommended however, that we leave it uncovered which will make the room brighter, and also allow a breeze through the room in spring and autumn - too hot in summer, and too cold in winter to open it then!

The "missing" materials from the previous post turned out to be wood to make the frame of the new cupboards. We are now trying to decide exactly where to place shelves and partitions.

I thought I would just return to the "crooked house" theme of earlier, too. The big wooden beam you can see is parallel to the ground (even if I haven't held the camera as level as I could have!) Look at the space between the beam and the top of the concrete door frame.

Now look at the same space at the other end of the door frame. There is a difference of between two or three centimetres from one of the door frame to the other. I'm hoping it won't be so apparent when all the work is finished!

Sunday today, so no noise from the builders to contend with, but one of Tadashi's friends has come round to practise singing a Queen song which they are going to perform for their class. I'm not sure which is worse...

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