Friday, 30 March 2012

Builders in the House 11 - new furniture chaos

At about 9:30 on Wednesday morning, ten rather large boxes arrived with the new classroom furniture. We just had to stack them up because one of my students was due to arrive. Once that class was over, the foreman from the construction company arrived to help us unpack and assemble everything, and to hang the new whiteboard and clock.

We were literally sweeping the floor and loading all the discarded packing into his truck when the students for my 1pm class arrived - just a slight panic! After the somewhat makeshift class finished, I rearranged the desks to see what the big room would look like, and remarkably it looks just like a classroom!

Wednesday is always a crazy day for me, as I think I mentioned earlier, so it wasn't until yesterday that I could experiment a little with permutations for smaller classes. This is the room we expect to use the most, although I taught here last night with the partition open, and it felt really comfortable.

It is so different to how it was three weeks ago that I kept having to remind myself where I was!

And to finish, the beautiful flowers you can see on the desks above. A wonderful present from the students in that first class with the new furniture. What a lovely thought - thank you so much!


  1. Though I saw these pictures first, it was nice to get the official tour!

    I'm not sure if wine assists with my knowledge retention, but the hospitality was much appreciated.

    Cheers, Alex

  2. Hi Alex

    You are very welcome (I hope we didn't overdo the wine!) It was very good to see you all, and hopefully next time we will ALL be on holiday!