Sunday, 25 March 2012

Builders in the House 9 - or not, as the case may be...

Friday was scheduled by the builders as "cleaning day", and after they had finished this is how our new classroom looks (this is taken from where the new whiteboard will be) and I don't think we could be happier! Everything is so clean, bright and well-finished.

And this from the reverse angle looking towards the new doors onto the porch.  We're not sure if the roller blind is a temporary measure or not, yet.  I think curtains would be cosier in winter, so we'll just wait and see.

This is the room that used to be the classroom, and I guess will remain the room we use the most.

And this is the new classroom on the other side of the dividing doors.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with the company we ordered our classroom furniture from, so it won't arrive until Wednesday now. The builders have promised to return then to put up the new whiteboard and finish off one or two other things. If the walls weren't concrete, I could do it myself, but the job really requires something a little more serious than a DIY electric drill!

Although I would have liked to have had my first class in the new room with all the new furniture, I think we'll use it tomorrow with the old table and chairs. No ginger, again. Looks like I'm going to spend the afternoon moving books!

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